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Children in Africa prepare for migration season with Spring Alive
In Europe and Central Asia, millions of migratory birds are stirring. They are busy feeding to build up their fat reserves (gaining up to 50% more body weight) to fuel the enormous flights to Africa they will face in the next few weeks. Some adult birds are moulting, replacing worn out flight feathers with new ones. In Africa, thousands of children, their teachers, families are waiting with anticipation for the arrival of these migratory birds as the Spring Alive 2014 African season commences on 1st September.

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Community involvement in the waste management programme at Lutembe bay
It is amazing how a community comes together to preserve the health of our ecosystem. This is happening through waste management at the shores of L. Victoria...

Green-breasted PittaCLIMATE CHANGE; How will Uganda’s birdlife cope
Climate change in Africa is as old as the continent itself. If you could watch Africa’s ecological history in fast-forward mode...

NatureUganda members visit the Uganda Reptile Village
On 16th August 2014, NU members were treated to an informative visit to the Uganda Reptile Village. It is located in Entebbe, Katabi in Bunono Village - 3km off Entebbe