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  • NatureUganda New Years Greetings!
    Happy new year 2020 and warm greetings
    from NatureUganda!

    On behalf of NatureUganda, allow me to welcome you to this new year 2020 and congratulate you upon completing the old one...

  • The Rediscovery of the Fox’s Weaver
    Uganda’s only endemic bird

    Last documented in 1996 with more than 40 individuals breeding on the fringes of Lake Bisina

  • Chameleons of Uganda

    A Pocket Guide


    NatureUganda has been organising a bi-annual conservation Conference with the aim of
    bringing together conservation practitioners in Uganda to share information about conservation work.

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Current Programmes

NatureUganda develops and implements a range of programme activities aimed at fulfilling her mission
- Promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature.

Education & Awareness

Conservation Conference

The Fifth Biannual held

The conservation conference was held under the theme "Harmonious living between Wildlife and people" ...Read More

Working Groups

Live and Let Live

NatureUganda's membership coordinates six special interest groups comprising...Read More

Public Talk Update

Bugoma Forest give-away

In April, Justice Musalu Musene made a ruling that handed over 5,779ha of Bugoma Forest Reserve... Read More

Research & Monitoring

Conservation & Development

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