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NatureUganda and AUTO invites u 2 public demonstration come,express dissatisfaction with the proposed development of a dam at mucrchsion falls NP in Uganda.matching 4rm HotelAfricana 22nd Aug 2019 @8:30am to office of the speaker of Parliament Join our facebook and twitter pages for more engagements

EDEGE fellowship exchange visits for communities' (capacity building for local communities)

ACLIE conference in South Africa.

Grey Crowned Crane - power-line collisions feature at the ACLIE conference in South Africa.

It is likely that many drivers have, at some point, accidently or incidentally hit an animal, be it a bird, snake, toad, mongoose or any other on the road.

Uganda Poverty and Conservation Learning Group Network lesson sharing workshop

U-PCLG aims to use research to inform national policy in Uganda

Conservation Programs

conservation program focuses on
 Species conservation,mainly on threatened species of the Grauer’s Swamp-warbler, Blue Swallow, Shoebill, Grey Crowned-crane and the entire Vulture group

Working Groups

join our technical groups of Plants, Mammals, Birdlife Uganda, Herpes, Microbial and Friends of Dudus which are very active in supporting the organization in various projects

Public Talks

Our public Talks happen every first thursday of the month

Contribute Towards saving our natural resources

Your support is important for natureuganda to continue its natural resource conservation work ,through "Promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature".By supporting Us,you make a difference in conserving biodiversity


Species Survey Monitoring

Together with ZSL,we are supporting local communities in Mabamba and Makanaga to conserve the "shoebill",one of the extraordinary species,listed Vulnerable.Read More


Mainstreaming Biodiversity

degradation of environment hits the poor harder as they solely depend on natural resources for livelihood improvement.Local Governments in Kisoro and Rubanda Districts Commit To Protect the Environment Read More


Three Decades of Monitoring IBAs 

NatureUganda has an established programme for monitoring Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and has conducted this exercise for three decades.Read More


Visiting the Cranes Project Areas

Uganda still plays host to a significant number of approximately 10,000 cranes.NatureUganda Board of Governors/Executive Committee (EC), a policy making body of the institution visited the ACCP project sites where NatureUganda has taken great strides in conserving species, habitats and ecosystems


Natureuganda and Partners Draft Guidelines for Implementing Offsets for Development Projects in Uganda

NatureUganda and Victoria Griffins from Oxford University conducted community feedback meetings from biodiversity assessments in Kalagala, it was shown that the offset only catered for biodiversity and not the needs of the community including cultural values

We have done a lot with limited resources but with tremendous achievements

                                Achieving our targets

NatureUganda develops and implements a range of programme activities aimed at fulfilling her mission of

                                    Environmental education through Cranes in the classroom Initiative

Our Latest Publications

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More than 3,863 media communications 


Sites conservation

Policy engagement

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