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ACLIE conference in South Africa.

It is most likely that many drivers have, at some point, accidentally or incidentally hit an animal, be it a bird, snake, toad, mongoose or any other on the road.

The consequences are many ranging from killing the bird/ animal, but also the damage to the motor vehicle or an injury the vehicle occupant. Many animals are electrocuted when they accidentally get into power-lines or when they make attempts to cross them. Similar consequences arise for wildlife that get entangled into fences erected along the road, around farmland or enclosing some form of infrastructure.  

African Conference for Linear Infrastructure and Ecology (ACLIE) was held in the iconic Kruger National Park in South Africa from 10th – 16th Match 2019  and was co-hosted by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and Eskom, with a view to find solutions to prevent wildlife roadkill and improve driver safety; also to prevent wildlife - power-line collisions and entanglement with fences. 
This conference was Centered around linear infrastructure, such as roads and rail, energy, power lines, canals, pipelines, and fences, and their impacts on the environment

ACLIE sought to move away from the current international conference framework, which usually focuses on each form of linear infrastructure in isolation (for example, roads only), and introduced an approach that combined all forms of transportation and energy, since these necessary modes usually co-exist and have multiple negative impacts on biodiversity

Presentations ranged from global perspectives to individual country case studies, covering current scientific research, policy, legislation and best practice, and all with the potential to enhance both the project development process and the ecological sustainability of all linear infrastructure modes

The ACLIE 2019 brought industry and wildlife impacts to a discussion forum where all parties could work towards shared objectives, expanding knowledge, and understanding how to ultimately minimise threats to wildlife

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