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AGM - 2012


NatureUganda held its 20th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 25th 2012 at the Uganda Museum, Kamwokya.

This meeting follows a new era of our meetings as proposed by the previous AGM.

Aware that the 19th Annual General Meeting held on 27th May 2011 requested the Executive Committee to draft the Constitution of NatureUganda, the Committee presented the draft constitution of NatureUganda to her members for consideration as to whether it meets member’s aspiration for the society in Uganda. 

The committee recommended that;

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) allows members time to scrutinize the draft constitution for a period of three months upon which an extra ordinary meeting shall be held to consider and approve the constitution.
  • This extraordinary meeting elects members of the Executive Committee based on the new rules and procedure as proposed in the new constitution.
  • The current Executive Committee be given an extension of three months to oversee the finalization of the draft constitution and present the final draft for adoption at the extra ordinary meeting.

Among the members who attended was the membership manager Nature Kenya Ms. Agatha who shared with members the membership activities implemented by Nature Kenya. These include public awareness, environmental education, and advocacy on different sites.

She also indicated that Nature Kenya as a membership organization faces similar challenges as those of NatureUganda, sighting examples of low renewal rates and a big student registration rate who after their studies cease to be members. She however noted that to curb down these challenges, they have tried seeking cooperate sponsorship, and also organized events /activities that generate money to run some of the membership activities.

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Chairman's report AGM 2012 PDF

Treasurer's report  AGM 2012 PDF

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