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AGM - 2013


The 21st Annual General Meeting of NatureUganda was held at the Uganda Museum, Exhibition Hall on Friday, 24th May 2013. All resolutions were passed and the results of the polls were as below; 

Chairman, Mr Paul Mafabi
He is the Commissioner, Wetlands Management Department, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda.

Paul also serves as the Vice Chairman Standing Committee-Ramsar convention.

Vice Chairperson, Mrs Pauline N. Kalunda

She is the Executive Director of the Environmental Conservational Trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST)

Honorary Treasurer, Mr Robert Nabanyumya

He is the Programme Coordinator at CARE International

Publicity Secretary, Mr Deo Kateizi

He is the head Of Corporate Affairs at Pride Microfiance Limited

Committee Members:

  • Prof. William Banage - Senior lecturer, Zoology Department, Makerere University.
  • Mr Deo Rubumba Nkunzingoma - He is an advocate at Rubumba & Co. Advocates
  • Dr. Kalema James - Senior Lecturer, Department of Botany, Makerere University. He's also the leader of the Plants Working Group (PWG), NatureUganda.
  • Dr Robert Kityo - He is a Lecturer in the Department of Zoology, Makerere University
  • Dr Arthur Mugisha - Uganda Country Representative at Fauna & Flora International

Download and view all information available for this meeting: 

Chairman's report AGM 2013 PDF

Treasurer's report AGM 2013 PDF

Minutes of the AGM 2013 PDF