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The experts in insects, plants, fish, mammals, birds and reptiles validating findings of the Biodiversity surveys carried out around Nabugabo Ramsar site recently. The Validation was done at the NatureUganda Boardroom on December 6th, 2016. Key findings from the survey:

  • Butterflies: 153 species of butterflies 
  • 73 species (including morpho) of dragonflies
  • Majority of species are forest specialists.
  • Fish: A total of 35 fish species belonging to 9 families were recorded
  • Mammals: 74 specimens were recorded representing 15 species nine rodents and six shrews.
  • Plants: More than 300 species recorded

The survey was carried out by the various NatureUganda working groups. We shall keep you posted on details of the various species found in the area.