Project aim: To enhance the conservation status of the salt lakes and bird sanctuary

Lake Munyanyange is a small seasonal crater lake located to the North East of Katwe town Council. It is an animal sanctuary serving as a waterhole for the animals of the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lake has one of the largest concentrations of the Lesser Black- backed Gulls Larus fuscus. These are Palearctic migrants arriving in October and departing in April. However, some remnants of the birds can be found at the lake at any other part of the year. Thousands of these birds roost at the lake together with the lesser flamingos and other waders. 

Project Target: Kanyiginya Drama Actors; a local performance group that treats visitors to a vibrant music and drama performance and also provides eco tourism related services.

Project activities:
The Kanyiginya Drama Actors group was facilitated with drama costumes of their preference and choice.

Exchange learning visits were organised for and undertaken by the Kanyiginya Drama Actors. They travelled and staged performances in Bushenyi district.

Training of tour guides who todate provide guiding services to tourists who choose to enlist their services. 

A plot was secured in Katwe town council on which a magnificent information centre (Katwe Tourism Information Centre) was constructed and furnished with the FINIDA funding. ICThe centre, in addition to providing information to tourists is a sales centre for crafts materials made by the Kanyiginya Group. Rehearsals of the performances are done at the information centre. Refreshments are provided on request at the centre. 

 Regular monitoring of the Lesser Black backed Gulls on the Lake Munyanyange, by the tour guides, Kanyiginya group members and NatureUganda.

Monitoring of other birds especially the lesser flamingos.
Awareness programmes on sustainable salt mining at Lake Katwe.

Demonstration of alternative livelihood options especially ecotourism for the Kanyiginya group and surrounding communities. Others include baking and tie and dye of fabrics.

Formation of school environment clubs at two primary schools in the Katwe town council to complement on bird monitoring.

Linkage to the broader Queen Elizabeth National Park tourism plan for wider publicity and networking.
“Keep Katwe Clean” Operations spearheaded by Kanyiginya Group and facilitated by NatureUganda 

The project was funded by FINIDA through the BirdLife Finland and was implemented in Katwe Town Council, Kasese District.
NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN