NatureUganda is a membership organisation which strives to create a nature-friendly public. This is done through organising interesting activities which include naturewalks, excursions and expeditions among others to promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature. We ensure that majority of members participate in all these activities. 

Excursions / Expeditions

These are also membership events organised to particular Nature walk conservation sites of interest but members stay for more than one day. It can be an overnight or more nights depending on the attractiveness / activities to engage in at the site.
This is different from nature walks where members go early in the morning, have a walk for two hours and come back.
The cost .....

Monthly Nature walks

Nature walks are some of the oldest activities of NatureUganda. During nature walks members are guided (by Specialists) to move through various sites while observing different taxa (plants, mammals, herps, dudus, birds) of their interest. Through these activities, members are exposed to a variety of conservation initiatives. The specialists take the members through ......

Public Talks

These are held on every 1st Thursday of the Month. Click here for the highlights and presentations of the various public talks held.....

NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN