We strive to promote the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature. We speak out for biodiversity and the people, tackling problems that threaten our environment. Nature is beautiful and when you become a member, you are joining over two thousand other people who are helping us keep it that way. membershipMost members aren't experts, but ordinary people united by a desire to see wildlife flourish in their natural habitats. As a membership Society, we rely on the support of members to continue our work of conserving biodiversity. Here are some examples of what we do with the support of our members: 

  • Research and monitoring targeting Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) and Important Bird Areas (IBAs) through waterfowl counts, specific project level monitoring, Site Support Groups (SSGs) and working groups. NU is involved in conservation activities to save endangered species and improve management of site or habitats where they occur. We work with people to improve their livelihoods and sustainability of the initiative. 
  • Create awareness and understanding of conservation issues through nature walks, public talks, school explorer’s programme, publications, films, excursions and general public awareness. We try to help everybody to enjoy the natural world and learn more about it. 

Membership Benefits

Your membership to NatureUganda entitles you to the following benefits: 

  •     Assigned ID card which identifies you as a member of NatureUganda
  •     Admission to the society's libraries in Uganda and Kenya.
  •     Admission to the National museums of Kenya
  •     Subsidized subscription to the EAHNS journal.
  •     Free copies of The Naturalist, The Wildlife Magazine, all available environmental posters and EANHS Bulletin.
  •     Free participation in Nature walks and subsidized participation in other outings (excursions & expeditions) to different nature places.
  •     Free participation in the Annual General Meeting proceedings.
  •     The opportunity to contribute to the conservation research activities of the society's working groups.
  •     The opportunity to meet and share experiences with other people interested in natural history.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and enjoy these benefits

NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN