Nature Uganda: Goal, Mission and Values

Our Goal:

The overall goal of NatureUganda is contributing to biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource management at both national and international levels. 


NatureUganda's mission is "Promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature".

In pursuit of this mission, NU strives to:

  1. Create a nature-friendly public
  2. Enhance knowledge of Uganda's natural history
  3. Take action to conserve priority species, sites and habitats
  4. Advocate for policies favourable to the environment


Membership based organisation and decisions drawn by members;

Membership is NatureUganda’s constituency where conservation, research and information dissemination is done by, for and on behalf of the membership.

Science based;

Inspired by the original purpose of the society to document natural history of East Africa, the institutions' work is hinged on scientific information generated through well laid down research and monitoring programmes.

Good governance;

The society is governed by the supreme decision making body, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that elects an Executive Committee from members who oversee the implementation of the organization’s programmes. The Executive Committee, in a transparent manner with equal opportunity to all, recruits secretariat staff headed by the Executive Director to run the day-to-day activities of the organization. The society accounts are audited annually by independent national and internationally recognized audit firms.

People oriented

In all NatureUganda’s work, people are considered central in execution of tasks and benefit that accrue. This promotes sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.

Focus on biodiversity conservation

Considering that 90% of Uganda’s GDP is derived from Natural Resources (Agriculture, tourism, forestry, fisheries), biodiversity is a priority economic development resource and this presents opportunities to promote conservation through research, public awareness and education.

NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN