Nature Uganda: Grey Headed Gulls

Musambwa Island Conservation Project

Musambwa Islands are some of the smallest islands located in Lake Victoria in Rakai District.

Despite their size, they support large populations of congregatory breeding birds of the African race like the Grey Headed Gull, Greater Cormorant, Little Egret and the Long-tailed Cormorant among others. 

Due to the importance to birds of global significance, the islands have been recognized as an Important Bird Area. The islands are known to be the largest breeding site for the African race of the Grey Headed Gulls in Africa. 
Being the biggest roosting ground for the Grey headed Gull and being a site of great potential for eco-tourism, Musambwa islands have continued to receive funding support from development partners. 
The initial funding from UNDP/GEF SGP in Uganda for a 2-year project in 2000 enabled formulation of bye-laws while support from ECOTRUST enabled the construction of an ECOSAN facility to improve sanitation on the island. 
To scale-up these achievements, NatureUganda sourced about Euros 30,000 from the BirdLife International plus a matched fund from UNDP /GEF Small Grants Programme to particularly focus on ecotourism and livelihood improvement through increased and sustained local incomes.