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About the No Net Loss for
Biodiversity and Communities in Uganda Project.
The offsets would have performed better if designated areas of better habitat in this case, Kalagala CFR, were identified as offsets and something proactive done to ensure their integrity is maintained.

This Project is a corraboration with Oxford University and NatureUganda.It focusses on the  re-assessesment of the forensic and bird diversity of ten sites within the Bujagali Dam and Kalagala offset project area. The project follows as far as possible the methods of the 2006 pre-dam ESIA report, in order to enable a comparative overview basing on the key questions;

  • how has biodiversity in Bujagali and Kalagala changed between 2006 and 2016? 
  • how much of this change is owing to the dam and offset?
The project study was focusing on a descriptive and quantitative ecological survey carried out by Nature Uganda in April-May 2017 as part of the Darwin Initiative project "No Net Loss for Biodiversity and Communities in Uganda
Access the Project Publications below
  • NNL for people and biodiversity Industrial Brief . Download  
  • NNL for people and biodiversity principles . Download  
  • UPCLG No net loss policy brief. Download  

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