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Birdlife Uganda is one of the specialized groups of NatureUganda with its members interested in birds and their conservation.
The group works to promote the conservation of birds in their habitat. This group has been very active in carrying out research on birds, sites and habitats important for bird conservation. The Birdlife Uganda group has in the past worked on the Important Bird Areas program, which was successful and produced a directory of the Important Bird Areas in Uganda and Popular Birds handbook.
The group is currently monitoring the indentified Important Bird Areas, Water bird sites and bird population monitoring in the country.
The group is also being involved in working on the checklist of Birds of Uganda and improving the Popular Birds handbook.
Birdlife Uganda aims at:

  1.     Preventing the extinction of any bird species
  2.     Reducing the number of species that are globally threatened
  3.     Enhancing the conservation status of all bird species
  4.     Promoting Conservation crucial sites and habitants for birds

Plot 1, Katalima crescent, Lower Naguru
P.O BOX 27034, Kampala- Uganda


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