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  1. Cranes & Wetlands Conservation project
  2. NU Membership Strategy 
  3. Bird Population Monitoring in Uganda (BPM)
  4. Sustainable management of Natural resources in IBAs Echuya & KK CFR (PPN)
  5. Mainstreaming biodiversity information in decision making
  6. Women and Water for change in Communities
  7. No Net Loss
  8. Wetlands Without Borders


  1.     Local Empowerment Programme (LEP)
  2.     Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) thru LVCEEP
  3.     Lake Victoria Catchments Environmental Education programme (LVCEEP)
  4.     The British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership (BATBP) Project
  5.     Ecosystem-based approaches for climate change adaptation (EbA)
  6.     Echuya Forest Conservation & Livelihood Improvement project
  7.     Conservation of the Lesser Flamingo in Queen Elizabeth Conservation area
  8.     Conserving Biodiversity in the Agricultural Landscapes of Uganda
  9.     Participatory Environmental Management (PEMA)Bamboo planting
  10.     Musambwa Islands Conservation project
  11.     Nabajjuzi Wetlands Ecotourism Development project
  12.     Nyamuriro Wetland Conservation project
  13.     Community Based Conservation of Wetlands Biodiversity in Uganda (COBWEB)
  14.     Lake Katwe Community Eco-tourism Initiative
  15. Environmental Education and conservation of Lake Victoria catchments (LVCEEP)
  16. Conservation of Critical Wetlands around Lake Victoria
  17. Conservation of the Blue Swallow in Mabamba bay, biodiversity area along Lake Victoria
  18. Implementation of the Uganda Identification Note (PIN) for Nabugabo Wetland in Uganda, a Biologically Signicant Area (BSA)
  19. International water bird census (IWC) counts in Uganda
  20. Supporting community conserved areas in Uganda for biodiversity and livelihoods
  21. ABC research award for biodiversity surveys
  22. Support raptor counts in Uganda
  23. Supporting celebration of 2016 world migratory birds dayMigrations campaign in Africa
  24. FAO

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