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NatureUganda carries out research and monitoring through the following programmes: 

NatureUganda develops and implements a range of programme activities aimed at fulfilling her mission - Promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature. Conservation is done in two broad categories; Sites& Species. Sites conserved include Important Bird Areas and Ramsar sites. Species include: 


Monitoring Important Bird Areas (IBA's)

The IBA concept aims to identify and protect a network of sites critical for the long term viability of wild bird populations.


Water Fowl Counts (WFC)

The programme is used as an avenue to train young biologists who are presumed the next people to continue with the programme and train others too.


Bird Population Monitoring (BPM)

There is growing recognition across the globe that the inexorable decline in the state of nature may have profound consequences for the lives of people


Raptor Counts 

The purpose of these Raptor counts is to continue performing counts on the roads used by Leslie Brown in 1960s and compare results with records


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Phone: +256-414-540-719
Email:nature@natureuganda.org / info@natureuganda.org