The British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership (BATBP), led by the Tropical Biology Association (TBA), has been working closely with BAT Uganda (BATU) since 2007 to help them address their biodiversity impacts and improve their management of the natural resources upon which they depend for their leaf growing operations. Past work undertaken in partnership with local NGOs and local communities, centred on sustainable forest management and restoration, awareness raising, freshwater monitoring and the conservation of riverine habitats in Western Uganda.

In the 3rd five-year BATBP term (2011-15), we will use the experience from these past activities in Western Uganda and will work with BATU to develop effective strategies for the long-term sustainable management of leaf growing operations in the Middle North tobacco growing region; in the face of rapid population growth, climate change and increasing pressures on the natural environment. The project will achieve this goal through the better understanding and maintenance of ecosystem services and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, working in partnership with local stakeholders. 

The purpose of the this project is;

  • To develop a sustainable agricultural system in tobacco growing regions of Uganda, by promoting, demonstrating and implementing measures for the conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

  • To demonstrate a range of benefits for a more sustainable agricultural landscape, by enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services, whilst providing BATU and other stakeholders with the capacity to expand successful initiatives across tobacco-mixed agricultural landscapes elsewhere in Uganda.

The five demonstration areas were chosen following a planning visit to the Middle North by NatureUganda and Tree Talk, lead by BATU. The demonstration areas are located in the districts of Apac (Kulu-Obia, Bala South), Oyam (Gung Gung, Icheme) and Gulu (Opit) and have the following characteristics: Central and Local Forest Reserves in proximity, tobacco farming amongst a mixed agricultural system and wetlands.

Map showing Demonstration Area locations within the Middle North Tobacco Growing Region 

This project is led by TBA and BATU in collaboration with NatureUganda, Tree Talk Uganda and Fauna & Flora International East Africa (FFI).

NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN