Wetland health demonstrations to cranes excite farmers in Kabale. 

this time 2018, awareness through a practical approach was a worthwhile undertaking. This could be mostly demonstrated with the use of a Water Clarity Tube. The demonstration, would depict the relevance and importance of establishing and maintaining buffers along river banks and mouths as these would filter and sift the water that flows in the rivers before it joins big water bodies especially, in this case, Lake Bunyonyi – the second deepest lake in Africa.Research showed that through continued erosion in the Kabale uplands and deposition in the valleys and the Lake Bunyonyi bed, rhe lake's depth has reduced by over 3 metres in the last 20 years

In Mugandu wetland, NatureUganda for over three years has engaged communities to undertake demonstrations of wetland restoration in order to provide buffer and water filter for the nearby Lake Bunyonyi but also provide a safe breeding ground for Grey Crowned Cranes. Jimmy Muheebwa brought with him a dozen pairs of gum boots as facilitation to the crane custodians to enable them wade easily through the Kabale wetlands that often flood when the wet season sets in

. June and July are land preparation planting months. During this season,farmers are busy planting irish potatoes into the freshly prepared mounds . Drawing water from streams in the farmed up area poses a big challenge as one has to step down into the soft mud to get it. Working hand-in hand with the custodians with crane-branded shirts which looked appealing to the communities enabled communities drew nearer in admiration of the shirts and the water filled clarity tube as then demonstrated on how to use them.

The task of getting water from the stream was easier downstream because river and stream banks were intact and water shallow than in the farmed up area. About 30 meters into the restored area, the score in the clarity tube improved to a calibration of 29 as compared to 13 in the farmed area.

NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN