NatureUganda's membership coordinates six special interest groups (Working Groups) comprising of members with particular interests in conservation. These Working Groups were formed based on the wide range of interests, specialties and expertise of members and to encourage all to participate in the field activities of their interest. These groups have attracted a wide range of expertise and diversified member's participation in membership activities. The Working Groups shall provide technical input to NatureUganda's programmes especially by supporting:

  •     Research activities i.e. data collection, storage, analysis and information dissemination.
  •     Linking the institution with others in emerging research opportunities.
  •     Creating awareness of the general membership and public on opportunities.
  •     Providing learning opportunity to members in various fields and participation in the organisations programmes.

The Working Groups are voluntary groups and they include:


The Herps Working Group (HWG)

The term herps refers to reptiles (snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles and crocodiles) and amphibians (caecilians, toads and frogs). HWG members are volunteers who have special interest in reptiles and amphibians. 

The Mammal Conservation Group (MCG)

MCG is a specialized group of various professionals ranging from environmentalists, policy makers, researchers, data managers....

The Dudus Working Group (DWG)

The Dudus working group (DWG) is one of the specialized groups of NatureUganda. It is a voluntary technical group of people interested in insects and their conservation. 

Birdlife Uganda (BLU)

Birdlife Uganda is one of the specialized groups of NatureUganda with its members interested in birds and their conservation. The group works to promote the conservation of birds in their habitat..........

The Plants Working Group (PWG)

The Plant working group (PWG) is one of the specialized groups of NatureUganda with members interested in plants and their conservation. The group promotes research and conservation of plants with special emphasis on ......

Microbial Resources Working Group (MRWG)

The Microbial Resources Working Group works towards promoting the understanding and documenting microbial resources in Uganda especially those of economic....

NatureUganda is the Birdlife International Partner and a member of IUCN