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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Excursion

October 21st-22nd 2016

The weekend of 21st October was well spent with a group of Nature lovers at the Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola. Among the things to do was; the Rhino tracking, shoebill canoe ride and a cleanup activity with the community members.

A quick brief by the Sanctuary officials on the do’s and don’ts ushered us into the wilderness to look out for the Rhinos. Having been feeding whole day, it did not take us long before we met the first group of about five Rhinos. Slowly we followed the group while enjoying stories from Opiyo our guide about their feeding pattern, mating season and its process and the leadership amongst themselves. Because of the fear of getting close to them, we were left with no much opportunity of taking close pictures other than capturing their behinds.

The sun set got us in the thick bush looking for the bird species. Hoping in front of us were the Bronze Mannikins, Red billed fire finches, Ruppell’s Long tailed starlings seen perched on trees, African Jacanas, Pygmy and Malakite Kingfishers seen by the water sides, Yellow-mantled widow bird in flight, Barbets feasting on Mangoe trees, and the Tambourine dove that kept calling until we left the bush.

Swamp Cleaning in Lugogo

21sst-22nd October 2016
The clean up activity on Lugogo swamp together with Community members was quite engaging. As the story went, Lugogo swamp is the major means of transport for the community members who are mostly cattle keepers. They said it’s the easiest route connecting traders from Nakaseke to Nakasongola and is usually used on the market day. Cattle and other merchandise are transported on this water. However, the swamp was attacked by a strange weed that looks like water hyacinth and in a short time covered a big piece of land thus making it difficult for the traders and other users. We joined hands with the community and cleared a big portion of this weed.