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We bring to you yet another refreshing day out; a Nature walk to Forest Resort Beach Kasenge on 19th October 2019 under the theme “Making birding a memorable experience”.

Located in Mbalala, Mukono District, off Mukono-Jinja highway, Forest Resort Beach Kasenge is a privately owned 60-acre tract of land that contains a natural forest (taking the largest cover), a mysterious lake, streams, and beautiful green lawns. Forest Resort Beach Kasenge has had an uninterrupted growth for the last 40 or so years, and given that it is situated in an area that has been heavily deforested and degraded, the forest has provided refuge for a range of a biodiversity especially birds.

Currently, over 200 species of birds have been recorded in the area. These mainly include forest specialists and generalists, a good number of water related species and garden birds from the surrounding settlements. Key on the list are species like the elusive Green Hylia, Western Nicator, Grey Parrot and Shining Blue Kingfisher. In addition to birds, a number of other wildlife inhabit this lush natural forest; like theVervet monkeys, butterflies, snakes, and squirrels among others.

“The Dating Island”, measuring a few metres, is part of the mysterious lake at the Forest Resort Beach Kasenge where sport fishing, canoeing and boat rides can be done. For lovers, “The Dating Island” which is usually guarded by highly territorial geese conjures romance and creates the enchantment for the moment to answer “Yes” to the magic question.

NatureUganda has organized a nature walk to this special site, with our cooperate member- Bird Uganda Safaris, one of the leading Tour operators with good expertise in bird identification across the country. We shall have a Nature walk in the natural forest where we will enjoy an array of nature offered by this forest and also have a chance to see other nature-friendly activities conducted at the site. This walk is planned to last 2-3 hours, after which we will have a picnic and enjoy the relaxed ambience at the site. You may even get a chance to utilize the magic Island. Come be part of this discovery as we continue to appreciate and conserve Nature.

To Note:

  • Each member will be requested to pay a contribution of 25,000/= to contribute on transport.
  • Carry a bite and a drink for the picnic
  • Departure is at 6:30am at the Uganda Museum. You are encouraged to be at the meeting point at least by 6:00am.
  • Bring a friend/family/organization to be part of NatureUganda’s Membership fraternity.

Please confirm your participation with us by the 10th October to enable the necessary preparations

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