Dudus working group (DWG)

The Dudus working group (DWG) is one of the specialized groups of NatureUganda. It is a voluntary technical group of people interested in insects and their conservation. The group promotes the conservation of Insects in Uganda and beyond, with special emphasis on rare, threatened or endemic species.

The group also promotes conservation of important insect sites and habitats especially the species rich sites. The group has been useful in providing information on the Butterflies of L.Mburo-Nakivale and L. Bisina- Opeta region for the COBWEB project baseline survey.

The group is working on a species list for the Butterflies of Uganda. The Dudus working group works to promote the following objectives;

  •  To promote the understanding and appreciation of Insects especially Butterflies since they are attractive and can be easily observed.
  •  Generate interest within the public towards conservation of Insects.
  •  Promote the conservation of important Insect species and their habitats.