At NatureUganda, we’re always striving to improve and provide the best experience for our valued members. As the first and largest membership organization in Uganda, we take pride in our ever-evolving membership program. We constantly implement fresh strategies and innovative approaches to ensure that your  journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Our unique programs offer you, as a member, the opportunity to delve into new interests, forge new friendships, and make a lasting impact on conservation efforts. We believe that every contribution counts, which is why every membership due we receive goes towards covering the cost of our exceptional services. Join us today and make your contribution towards the preservation of our beautiful natural heritage.


This is open to corporate bodies or entities which support the objects of the society

This category is open to bodies or institutions which are duly registered as educational, public or associations.

Couple and two children (below the age of 18 years) 

An individual who applies for membership and meets the eligibility requirements in their own right.

Individuals who have consistently paid subscription for at least ten (10) years, may apply for life membership on attainment of sixty (60) years.

This is open to only those persons under the age of 18 or students undertaking course of study up to and including undergraduate level but in any case not above the age of 25 years.

This member is nominated by the Executive Committee on the basis of outstanding contribution to the objectives for which NU stands and the nominations shall be endorsed by the AGM.


We strive to support our members through:

  Informative publications including the Naturalists, the Nature Magazine, and many more

  Subsidized subscription to the EANHS Journal

  Exciting membership events such as nature walks, excursions and expeditions.

  Public Talks on every 1st Thursday of the Month


By becoming a member of NatureUganda, you are supporting conservation of nature.

  1.  Funding: Membership fees and donations go directly to protecting habitats and save species, and raising awareness to create a nature-friendly public.
  2.  Advocacy: As a member, you will join a wider community who care about nature and conservation. We provide an opportunity for our members to advocate for the protection of species and habitats, through our monthly public talks.
  3.  Education: We produce publications on the state of biodiversity to help raise awareness about the importance of conservation. We work to change attitudes and behaviors that harm the natural world.
  4.  Research: We conduct research to better understand the natural environment and provide information for better decision making in designing better practices in protecting habitats and saving species. These research programs are open to members who are willing to participate.

As a membership benefit, you will receive four (4) issues of The Naturalist, a member’s newsletter, 12 e-newsletters, a membership card and very importantly, you will contribute to the conservation of our country’s magnificent species and their habitats.

NatureUganda members are at the forefront of promoting the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature. Join us today!

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