NatureUganda strives to enrich its knowledge base through the implementation of research and monitoring programs aimed at biodiversity conservation. These initiatives are important in the collection of data that provide a basis for conservation interventions for endangered wildlife and natural resources, as well as identifying threats to their sustainable management. The monitoring programs conducted encompass a range of activities, including waterfowl census, bird population monitoring, raptor counts, focused biodiversity assessments, and single species monitoring for important species.

Important Bird Areas

The IBA concept aims to identify and protect a network of sites critical for the long term viability of wild bird populations.

Bird Population Monitoring

The Bird Population Monitoring programme (scheme) is an international programme that targets common bird species.

African Waterfowl Census

The African Waterfowl Census a.k.a annual waterfowl counts is a programme coordinated by NatureUganda secretariat

Raptor Counts

The purpose of the raptor counts is to continue performing counts on the roads used by Leslie Brown in 1960s and compare results with records.

Vulture Counts

The plight of vultures means that it is important to monitor their numbers everywhere, so that efforts to save them can, where necessary, be made.