Other Projects Implemented

Programme NameArea of ImplementationFunder/Donor
Intergrating Livelihoods and Conservation -People Partner with Nature for sustainable living (PPNII)Echuya Central Forest and Kashoya Kitomi Central Forest ReserveDANIDA
Biodiversity Conservation and sustainable utilisation of Ecosystem services of wetlands of transboundary relevance in the Nile basin (WAB)Semiliki, Sango bay and sio-siteko wetlandsGerman International Coorporation (GIZ)
Securing Grey Crowned Cranes habitats and improving community livelihood through conservation agreementsCentral UgandaWhitley Fund for Nature (WFN)
African Crane Conservation Programme (ACCP)South Western UgandaInternational Cranes Foundation USA
Monitoring status of Birds and Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in UgandaImportant Bird Areas in UgandaTasso Leventis  Conservation Foundation
Women and water in communities for change projectAreas around Lake Victoria (Mabamba Bay)Institute for Water Education (IHE)
Monitoring waterbirds in selected water bodies and wetlands in UgandaWetlands and waterbodies in Important Bird Areas (IBAs) inside and outside National parks in UgandaUganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)
Wetlands international (WI)Semiliki, Sango bay and Sio-siteko wetlandsWetlands international (WI)
Cranes & Wetlands conservationSouth Western UgandaEWT
Strengthening Civil Society Capacity to Advocate for Mainstreaming Biodiversity (CAMB)U-PCLG network in UgandaCISU
Uganda Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (UPCLG)Karamoja & Teso sub regionInternational Institute for Environment & Development (IIED) UK
Conservation of critical wetlands around Lake VictoriaOver 33 Important Bird Areas in UgandaMacArthur Foundation
Conservation oriented research on edge species (Shoebill)Wetlands and waterbodies in Important Bird Areas (IBAs) inside and outside National parks in UgandaEdge
Supporting community conserved areas in Uganda through biodiversity and livelihoods biodiversityMabamba and Makanaga BaysFauna & Flora International (FFI)
Biodiversity and livelihood advisory partnershipMurchison Falls National ParkTotal E&P
The Peregrine Fund project (TPF) – Research and Raptor monitoring in and around Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in UgandaImportant Bird Areas in UgandaPeregrine
Participatory Environmental Management (PEMA)Conservation of KK ForestDANIDA
Lake Victoria Catchment
Environmental Education Programme (LVCEEP)
Lake Victoria CatchmentSwedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Extending wetland protected areas through community conservation initiatives UNDP
Addressing sustainable management for biodiversity and ecosystem services in tobacco growing regions of UgandaMid-Northern Uganda (Apac, Oyam, Kole, Gulu)British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership (BATBP)
Community conservation of the Blue Swallow, Hirundo atrocaerulea Mabamba BayRufford
Spring Alive project BirdLife
Documentation on marginalised communities (Batwa)Echuya Forest Reserve, Mgahinga, Bwindi and Semliki Conservation areasFood and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research and Economic Development (PREPARED)Nabugabo WetlandsUSAID
Wetlands without Boarders projectManagement plans for trans boundary wetlandsGIZ
Fox’s Weaver Conservation projectConservation of rare speciesUNDP-GEF-SGP Uganda
Rio Convention projectAwareness on Rio conventionsNEMA
Ecosystem conservation for climate change adaptation in East AfricaEchuya ForestDFID/Defra
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