Job Opportunities


Nature Uganda is an equal opportunity employer. We offer opportunities to qualified individuals irrespective of sex, color, ethnicity or affliation. We also endeavour to recruit and retain competent staff in all our programme activities. 

About Internship

The Nature Uganda Internship Programme offers eligible/qualified students at both the Secretariat and field offices the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in Nature Uganda’s work under the direct supervision of experienced Nature Uganda staff.

  • You must be enrolled during the proposed internship period.
  • Give few hours for 2-3 days during the week. This is suitable for housewives and retirees.
  • Your academic performance should be excellent, as demonstrated by recent university or institution records.
  • Your application for an internship should be supported by your university or related institution. A minimum requirement is a letter from one of your lecturers/professors supporting your application.
  • Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in the field of conservation or natural resource management.
  • Ability to adapt and work in a multi-cultural setting. Additional consideration can be given for any past participation in Nature Uganda’s membership events and prior membership to NU.