Herps Working Group (HWG)

The term herps refers to reptiles (snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles and crocodiles) and amphibians (caecilians, toads and frogs). HWG members are volunteers who have special interest in reptiles and amphibians. Stripped frog The overall objective of this working group is to give in-depth information on the conservation of the amphibian and reptilian diversity in Uganda. Specifically, the group seeks to:

  • Build the knowledge base of reptiles and amphibians.
  • Promote the conservation of rare, threatened and restricted range species of reptiles and amphibians programmes.
  • Synthesize and provide information for monitoring and conservation of herps diversity and the habitats
  • Monitor the sites to show trends in herps diversity and abundance.
  • Create a forum for exchange of ideas and approaches with wildlife managers, scientists, and the technicians to contribute to policy development and implementation.
  • Carry out surveys to determine the diversity and status of herpes in Uganda.
  • Train members in the identification and survey techniques for herpes in Uganda.

The group is currently being involved in collating data to come up with the checklist of the Herps of Uganda.