Clean my wetland campaign around Semagimbi Wetland

In commemoration of  the World Wetlands Day 2023 under the theme “It’s Time for Wetlands Restoration”  Nature Uganda in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Environment and the Uganda Flower Farmer’s Association organised a cleaning campaign dubbed ‘Clean my wetland’ of the Semagimbi wetland on March 7, 2023.

The campaign was organised under the Commercial Flower Farms Integrated Catchment Management (CFF-ICM) Partnership, a partnership by the commercial flower farms in Greater Kampala Metropolitan area that aims to raise awareness, promote sustainable use of wetland resources and encourage actions to conserve and restore them.

Wetlands provide significant benefits to the ecosystem. They act as natural filters, removing sediment and toxins from the water, form a barrier during flooding and nurture various plant and wildlife species.

As commercial flower farms continue to expand their operations in the catchment areas around Greater Kampala Metropolitan area, conflicts over resources such as water and wetlands, which they depend on for their business operations, are also increasing.

Community members, local government leaders, students and pupils of Wamatovu Secondary and Primary School also joined the campaign which included a tree planting exercise and cleaning Semagimbi wetland.

It is hoped that the wetlands will reclaim their place in the ecosystem.

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