Nature Uganda Restores 20Ha at Nakindiba CFR

Forests play a key role in mitigating the impacts of Climate Change through Carbon Sequestration, however their ability to do so is greatly undermined by their degradation and destruction. NatureUganda in collaboration with NFA and the communities living near Nakindiba Central Forest Reserve, restored 20 Ha of degraded forest, under the Trillion Trees Programme, a global forest restoration program coordinated by BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This is part of wider action under NatureUganda’s Forest Restoration Programme targeting the Lake Victoria Belt that includes Forest such as Nakindiba and Mabira Central Forest Reserve.

The Target Area

Nakindiba Central Forest Reserve located in Kakiri Town Council along the Kampala – Hoima Highway, is one of the few remaining urban Forests and is therefore under immense pressure from expanding urban area, the goal of planned restoration activities at Nakindiba Central Forest Reserve are to ensure that this 140 Ha forest is conserved and is contributing to Climate Change Mitigation through Carbon Sequestration.

Our Ambition
Nature Uganda, NFA and the Local Government are working together to;

  • Restore 20 Ha of degraded sections of the forest through active planting.
  • Establish woodlots outside the forest in community owned land to reduce dependence of the surrounding community on the forest for biofuel.
  • Strengthening existing Collaborative Forest Management groups around the area to facilitate increased community participation in the management and conservation of the forest.

Our Achievements

  • Community Sensitization Meetings have been held to encourage community participation in Forest Restoration. As a result, communities have actively participated in the demarcation and planting of the Forest!
  • The entire Forest has been demarcated using pillars to avoid encroachment this will ensure that all 140 Ha of the forest are protected and forest allowed to regenerate.

Ultimately, we hope that a healthy and well-conserved Nakindiba Central Forest Reserve will contribute to Climate Change mitigation and provide ecosystem services and livelihood support to the surrounding community and Nation at large.