Wetland Restoration: Success of wetland restoration programs in Uganda

In spite of their importance, wetlands in Uganda are facing severe encroachment, over exploitation, and degradation coupled with a changing climate, population growth among others.

A Public dialogue was organised by NatureUganda under the theme ‘’Restoration’’. The discussion focused on the remarkable success of wetland restoration programs in Uganda. We were glad to have Mr. Mugabi Stephen David, the Commissioner Ministry of Water and Environment, Directorate of Environment Affairs, as our keynote speaker. Additionally, Mr. Moses Egaru, the Program Officer for Water and Biodiversity at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Uganda, provided valuable insights into this important topic. Their expertise shed light on the achievements in wetland restoration that have been accomplished in Uganda.

The  discussions were focused on several key areas, including: Understanding the background of wetlands degradation in Uganda and the extent of the problem; Exploring strategies to effectively restore wetlands and ensure their long-term success; Showcasing real-life examples of successful wetland restoration initiatives among others.