Community Embraces Sustainable Land Management and Natural Regeneration

With the aim of supporting farmers and land owners in refugee host communities, NatureUganda identified and profiled land owners of over 200ha in Yelulu wetland landscape that are currently being trained to establish agroforestry and adapt Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices.

The training program focuses on equipping the community with sustainable land management techniques that help mitigate soil erosion, conserve water, and enhance agricultural productivity. Through interactive workshops and practical hands-on sessions, community members are learning about soil conservation methods, including terracing, contour farming, and agroforestry. These techniques not only prevent soil degradation but also improve crop yields, promoting food security and income generation.

In addition to SLM, the training program is focusing on farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR). FMNR is a simple yet powerful approach that encourages the regrowth and management of native vegetation on degraded lands. By nurturing natural regeneration, the community discovered a cost-effective and sustainable way to restore ecosystem health and enhance biodiversity.

Community members participated in practical field exercises that involved identifying and nurturing regenerating trees and shrubs. This hands-on experience not only fostered a sense of ownership, but also ignited a passion for environmental stewardship among the participants.

We hope that the trained community members will serve as role models within the wider West Nile region, inspiring others to adopt similar practices and contribute to the overall environmental conservation.

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